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Metolius XX-Large Crash Pad

Metolius XX-Large Crash Pad
Date Added: 06/29/06
Last Updated: 02/19/07
Regular Price: $259.00
Record Low: $259.00 on 02/19/07
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Item #400100563298
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Product Description
Metolius XX-Large Crash PadWhen we set out to make our Crash Pads, our #1 priority was to make the best possible landing zone. So we put a lot of time and energy into researching the foam combinations which would absorb the most energy. Result, a combination of open and closed-cell foam. Open cell foam is a great shock absorber, but by itself, it takes a very thick piece to keep from bottoming out. We added a layer of firmer, closed-cell on top of the open-cell to spread the force out, producing a firm shock absorber and comfortable landing. Due to this superior foam combo (energy-absorbent and long-lasting), we've come to be known as having the best high-ball pad out there.

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